About us…

We're connective storytellers.
We're creative marketers.
We know public relations.

Like the time...

We brought an elephant to a carwash to stimulate circus ticket sales.

Or the time...

We led a team of jounalists into a maximum-security prison to initiate news coverage for a client.

Then there's the time...

we led reporters to the roof of a 52-story building where our client strung the world’s largest string instrument from a skyscraper.

The examples above are extraordinary. And while a news story doesn’t need to be sensational to resonate, it does need to be meaningful.

I’m Mike Mena. 

I’m the chief storyteller. Along with a team of visionaries, I make things happen. I get stories told.

There I was: standing before a cliff that drops into an active volcano. A hungry tiger on the left, a King Kong-sized gorilla on the right…The opening phrase of the Clash song “Clampdown,” rings in my ears: “What are we going to do now?!”

Truth be told, I became a publicist to tell the world about the superb qualities of my clients, not myself. My BS meter has a hair trigger. I was raised to be modest and don’t like hearing other people brag and abhor doing it myself. That said, I have no problem heaping compliments and praise on clients.

So why should a company hire a PR Firm – specifically Ileana International?

One word: tenacity. I don’t believe that when I get no answer, it’s the same as a “no,” answer. It does mean I need to hit the mental refresh. Revise the pitch and go for it again. It helps when you believe in what you’re doing and are tirelessly determined. If the front door is locked, you try the back. If that’s locked too, try the window, shimmy up a drainpipe and stay at it until you’re in. That’s how we produce a ton of media.  

You have so much to gain. Give us a call!

Publicist Michael Mena of Ileana International