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Stories rule

We talk the talk

At ii (short for Ileana International) we love “E” words such as enthralled, engrossed, enchanted.  When they come into play, we know we’re telling a gripping story.

So the media listens

Journalists are spellbound by the stories we share about our clients — because the stories are authentic, they resonate, and they’re memorable.

Like us, journalists are storytellers by nature. Like us, they enjoy connecting with people as only a story can.

And so does your audience

“Why?” is the ultimate, influential question.

Why did Picasso paint?
Why does Messi play football?
Why does Dylan sing?

We all want to know the reason why because it’s a compelling story. 

And telling compelling stories is what we do best.

In public relations it’s about who you know

We have the connections

Our clients have appeared in local, national and international media. Here are just some of the outlets.

Curiosity drives us to find and tell your story

Experience gets us there

On any given day you’ll find ii at the intersection of passion and purpose, asking tough questions, crafting and articulating meaningful messages.

Owner Mike Mena is a seasoned publicist with over 20 years of public relations experience. Based in Los Angeles, Mike and his team work with clients and journalists locally, nationally, and internationally.

on-site interview with Flyaway homes

KTLA, KNBC, Telemundo, KABC, and LA This Week wanted to hear what Flyaway Homes had to say.

ii clients are…

People, products, places and causes that make a difference

We work with businesses, retail establishments, museums, educational institutions and non-profits. We are as comfortable crafting stories about products as we are about getting publicity for people, places, and events. Here’s a partial list of current and former clients.

Interview with camera operator
Brandon Bills with client Pallet Shelter speaks with the media outlet LA This Week regarding this impressive, easy to deploy solution to end homelessness.
TV Interview
Dan Knapp, the CEO of the Conservation Corps of Long Beach explains to KABC7 the great community work conducted by their workforce.
TV Crew interview
Kathy Kellogg Johnson of Kellogg Garden talks about the importance of putting your hands in the soil to maintain a garden.
TV Crew at ICAN, the California Abilities Network
KCAL News visits the California Abilities Network (ICAN) to observe the distinctions of this important organization.

“Ileana International has been an outstanding partner to our team, and trusted advisor on our approach to media relations. Their relationships with the news media are enduring, reliable, and persistent — and awareness of our work has benefited as a result.”

Brandon Bills, Marketing Director of Pallet

See what we do

Our work in action

When it comes to telling a story, a picture paints a thousand words. Check out these recent stories Ileana International produced and placed.  

We measure our success by our clients’ success.